The Eighth World is a gothic thriller set, however, in the present day.

The spaces are mainly those of the middle class and partly those of high society, bright and elegant but when past history prevails, the Gothic setting takes over and then the places darken and become charged with the charm of the past and the excitement that gives mystery.
The environments in which the protagonists act become castles, splendid libraries, fascinating medieval buildings that still exist and centuries-old botanical gardens in which nature amplifies the emotions of the characters.

The main protagonists are two young women Angelique and Delfine, two female researchers, who, forced to work together by Prof. Lefevre, chair of art history and archaeology at the Sorbonne in Paris, after an initial mutual distrust, develop a great friendship that will lead them, side by side, to discover the disturbing truth of the existence of a great danger to humanity represented by a very powerful lineage of ancient origins.

The story unfolds between Paris, Rome, Prague and the Corsican islands: in an adrenaline-fueled succession of twists and turns, the two female researchers gradually discover the truth, unable to trust anything or anyone and having to fight not only for their own lives but also for that of humankind.

In this book, as in all of the author’s novels, the protagonists and other characters, who assume great prominence in the story, are fascinating mysteries to be uncovered, but above all they are heroes because, even with their very human weaknesses, they have the ability to rise up, they never give up, and they firmly believe in goodness and in the concrete possibility of man to overcome evil.

The title the Eighth World is connected, on the one hand, with the origins of the lineage with which the two young people come in contact and, on the other hand, with the disturbing occult reality that seems to get the better of humankind by exploiting its prejudices, superstitions and false beliefs that stem from our deepest fears.

This unforgettable novel delves into important philosophical issues concerning human existence in a simple and engaging way that can serve as a stimulus to improve the present; in fact, it addresses themes that highlight the uniqueness and richness of human beings and how special they are if only they would realize it.