Literary Profile

Rossana Balduzzi Gastini is a very versatile author, her books, in fact, belong to different genres, because as the author herself states, “inspiration is free, it does not necessarily always follow the same genre.”

Regardless of the literary genre covered, his books contain plots with an adrenaline-fueled rhythm that is kept intact until the last page; it is a rhythm that unfolds like music: it captures attention at the beginning, then keeps interest steady with alternating moments of relaxation and curiosity, and finally increases just before the epilogue. With this continuous succession of twists and turns, the author tells stories that really happened or are fictional almost always, however, based on historical events of the past, and in these evocative frames fictional or really existed characters come to life.

In any case, these are dense pages, full of themes that in turn contain others and that make us float with ease between the different narrative tracks, allowing us both to pick up all the pieces that will form the final picture and to grasp every nuance that enriches the outline of these powerful stories.

The style, of the author is a style that some have called “visual”; some have even spoken of a 3-D reading. In other words, “it seems as if the author while writing places herself behind a camera at the same time,” which makes her books action movies on paper where the different characters, through careful analytical work, lay bare and confront each other revealing the many facets typical of human beings and facing the consequences arising from their choices and actions.

In fact, in all of the author’s books, particular themes chosen from the fields of philosophy, mythology, or science are explored through great research and serve to shed light on the present and the nature of human beings. Not for nothing are these stories that do not leave one indifferent but awaken many good feelings such as love for family, love for life, and so on. In the author’s books, there is always hope, but not a passive hope that of the one who remains waiting for superior help, but an active hope that is realized through the actions of the characters.

Each of the author’s books contains a spiritual message whose purpose is to “plant a seed” and make people reflect on who we are and what we really want. Therefore, the target audience for the author’s books are readers aged 13 to 90, people who, curious and open-minded, do not stop to consider only what appears but who wish to go “beyond” and, losing themselves in the pleasure of reading, delve into even profound themes.

For example within Nella sua mente. the theme of the duality that dwells in every human being with a part of light and a part of dark, good and evil, and the theme of unpredictable chance that can disrupt our lives is dealt with, but likewise the possibility that human beings have of overcoming duality and becoming masters of their lives by taking them away from chance, the power to overturn any negative situation and to come out stronger than before, is highlighted.

Giuseppe Borsalino ‘s biography highlights the existence of “a talent” unique to each of us by indulging in which a better and fulfilling life can be achieved. Tracing this character’s life also reveals the importance of respect for oneself and others.

La ragazza di madreperla deals with the theme of right identification and shows us how each of us has the possibility of becoming a superhero, that is, a human being who has stopped identifying with an unhappy and fear-filled self by becoming aware that he or she can be a creator of harmony.

L’ottavo mondo is the parable of man who must stop coveting and devouring and simply learn to love. With the rhythms of a breathtaking thriller, the tale of human descent and ascent unfolds. A story that like a skein unravels over the centuries and makes the impossible real, mysteries that have everything to do with the very essence of life.