In our world dominated by violence and self-interest, in this fragile world tested by the rebellion of violated nature, just when humankind seems to have no more hope one woman rescues a little girl, whose name is Perla, who will immediately prove to be special.
Its origins date back to Zep tepi, also called The First Time, an ancient time when man lived according to highly evolved philosophical thought of great ethical and spiritual value.

Perla’s task is to lead us back to the awareness of Zep Tepi. She brings a profound message to the reader of whatever age he or she is and that is the need for man to find the meaning of his own existence in order to escape identification with an unhappy and fear-filled self. Only six people in the world know her secret, and one of them wants to kill her, but if Pearl dies mankind will not stand a chance.

The character of Perla Baldi, a.k.a. Nacre Girl (La ragazza di madreperla), is a fictional character belonging to the genre of the realistically human superheroes, such as Spiderman or Superman, and in this case, in fact, Pearl’s diversity is experienced by the reader as something perfectly logical and consequential, almost without perceiving its foreignness to reality.

Pearl has three antagonists and co-protagonists who are beings belonging to her species. Each of them has a covering profession in real life.

Although belonging to the distant past, the protagonists by their physical characteristics create very modern references with modern science and quantum physics.

This union of inwardness from the past and materiality from the present-future serves to demonstrate how certain spiritual concepts have universal value and how they are valid in eternity.

If normally the fundamental element of superhero philosophy is that behind the masks of the strong and confident alter ego are ordinary and fragile men, in Perla’s case, on the other hand, we are dealing with a superhero who does not have two natures: she is always and still good and sure of the way forward.
She overcame the concept of duality and thus also the dilemma of choosing between good and evil that distresses the common, unconscious man.
Perla is also far removed from Tarantino’s heroes who use evil, violence, and revenge to make the bad guys realize that they have done wrong. In short, Perla Baldi shows us a new kind of superhero we can be inspired by and can attempt to emulate through the power of spiritual transformation.

The narrative takes place in contemporary times and begins in a fictional lake town located in northwestern Italy called Castelvilla. The life and vicissitudes of the protagonist, Perla, begin from the moment of her birth and unfold until she reaches adulthood in a succession of emotions and upheavals until she reaches a complete understanding of her diversity.