Rossana Balduzzi

was born in 1963 in Alessandria where she lives with her husband Luca, her son Andrea and her daughter Marta. She graduated in architecture from Polytechnic of Milan. She had worked as an architect for many years.

Her career as a writer started with the thriller “Life on loan”,  published by Betelgeuse, which was appreciated both from  readers and critics.

After her extraordinary debut, writing plots, characters and dialogs, have become her passion and her job.

“Covered”, the follow up of  Life on Loan, is also published by Betelgeuse, in its first edition.

“ In this novel, the suspence increases and doesn’t vanish, it leads the reader into having the sensation of being in front of an up-to-date version of Notorious or Rebecca, the first wife”.

Mariolina Bertini

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