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Rossana Balduzzi Gastini

Giuseppe Borsalino, the new book

Giuseppe Borsalino, the new book by Rossana Balduzzi Gastini is available from the 19th of June in the best bookshops and online stores.

The exciting life of a man who created a myth…

Covered becomes a TV series

Covered and Life On Loan will become a TV series.

One of the writers of “House of Cards” is working to adapt the story for the screen.


The return of Emma Valadier in a high-tension thriller made ​​of interlacing, disappearances and twists. A journey between Paris, London and Milan in search of truth.


I don’t generally read thrillers. I plunged into Rossana Balduzzi’s  pages and I found a book where the plot and the characters trap and bewilder you . It’s a well structured and fictitious book , similar to the best TV series subjects.

Roberto Saviano

“Life on loan” published in Spain

“Life On Loan” is published also in Spanish by Editorial Trifolium: the title is “Regreso a la vida”.

Buy “Life On Loan”

Read “Life on Loan”, the overwhelming debut novel by Rossana Balduzzi Gastini.


An intriguing new series that will pull you in.

Matt Baglio
New York Times bestselling Author



I usually don’t read thrillers.

I stepped into Rossana Balduzzi Gastini’s pages by chance and I discovered a book

in which plot and characters trap you until you are lost.

A book built with method and imagination similar to those of the best tv series.

Roberto Saviano


Rossana Balduzzi’s novel, is fascinating for the daring mechanism and for the mystery, that we feel from the first page

Alfredo Conde

Premio Grinzane Cavour 1990, Premio Nacional de Literatura 1986 Super

The book that will become a TV series...


Discover what it means “3D reading”